Construction Safety Signs

Construction Safety Signs

  • Shak Anwar

How to order Construction Signs

Construction Safety Signs are a legal requirement to help reduce injuries on construction sites. These Signs need to show health and safety practices and highlight danger and hazard warnings, but that’s not all safety signs can do.

Construction and building companies sometimes don’t realize the full potential of the construction signs when they order them That's why we've complied some helpful advice to think about when placing an order for the signage when you start a new project

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Permanent or temporary signs?

Usually, the thinking behind buying permanent safety signs made out of aluminium or plastic is that they can be used at the next site. This can happen but usually

safety signs for one project will be damaged due to the sheer nature of work on your site, eg concrete and brick dust which can destroy signs. Temporary PVC safety signs are a cost effective solution while still providing great quality.

Plus you have the added advantage is that you can start new at the beginning of each building site meaning you can save huge amounts of money on each site and your temporary signs and signage always look new and professional. 

Positive community relations

Construction sites can be viewed negatively within the immediate locality and are often seen as disrupting the views and can quickly become an eyesore leading to complaints to the local authorities

However, the use of additional safety signage can really improve local relationships. Within the community From simple signs apologising for any inconvenience caused to professional signs advising of reduced speed regulations can go a long way to build bonds with local residents. I may also be an idea to show a bespoke sign and include the architects plans to show local in habitants what is actually being built

These signs can be shown next to your legally required construction safety signs and are normally placed at the entrance; building confidence in the local residents that you are prioritizing health and safety laws and putting their safety first. 

Build your company's brand image

Construction safety signs aren't just about providing health and safety messages, hazard warnings or keeping the local residents happy, they are also the ideal opportunity to showcase your brand. 

So, for example, you could use the spare space on your safety signs to include your company brand and contact details.

Where are the fire signs

Easy to forget fire signs! Your project is coming to a conclusion and your team been working really hard on the site and everything looks good to go, even the plasterers and the painters have finally finished you're on the final inspection round, checking everything off preparing to hand over the keys in return for the completion payment the next day.

But don’t forget the all important fire signs without them the project can't be signed off, which can lead to a delay in payment and potential fines for missing deadlines

Make sure you buy your fire signs early and they arrive on site for the final day.

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