Health and Safety Sign Design

Health and Safety Sign Design

  • Ben Caldwell

Health and safety signs are a key element in keeping us safe as they highlight a potential health and/or safety hazard and also indicate how we can protect ourselves and help others in a dangerous situation.


From poisonous chemicals to overhead hazards, safety signs are used to underline a wide range of potential dangerous and hazardous situations. Another key factor of health and safety signs is the use of colors and symbols on the signs. For example warning signs are yellow in color with black text and/or pictograms. It is the consistency in the use of yellow and black for advising against hazards means that whenever these colors are seen on a sign, we habitually become alert and pay specific attention to what the sign is telling us.

 A similar role is played by symbols. Just like colors, familiar symbols are often used, to create an immediate reaction. For example, the circle with a stripe through the cigarette explains to everyone that they are in a no-smoking zone and therefore creates an instant reaction.

 There are text-only safety signs are also very common and popular. The stop sign, for instance, is a universally recognised sign and is one of the most widely used text-only safety signs. Health and Safety signs are usually designed by combining all or at least two of the previously mentioned parts. 

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