Green Safety Signs

Green Safety Signs

  • Ben Caldwell

Green safety signs relays information to the reader, which emphasizes safety, for example showing exit routes, first aid areas or stations. These safety signs are shaped in a rectangular fashion with strong white imagery, showing clearly the direction the reader needs to move in or the safety services provided at a location.

Text can be used together with the images displayed on any of these safety signs to make sure the correct message is presented to the viewer.

Irrespective of the purpose of the safety signage, employers in the UK have a legal responsibility to make sure that the correct health and safety sign is visible, without any obstructions and well maintained. They are duty bound to ensure that their staff understand the meaning of all safety signage displayed within their locations

For more information on the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996, visit the Health and Safety government website:

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