Safety Signs in the Workplace

Safety Signs in the Workplace

  • Ben Caldwell

Safety signs are a key component of the current Health & Safety regulations it is widely acknowledged that it has never been so important to ensure you have the correct safety signs and signage on your premises. Safety signs and signage are the main way of communicating Health & Safety information to make sure you’re your employees, visitors and customers understand the risks around them.

 The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) advised that between 1st April 2015 – 31st March 2016 144 workers in the UK  were killed while in their place of employment.   This shocking statistic emphasizes how having the correct safety signs and signage is key in advising people of dangers and risks that cannot be controlled by employers or indeed avoided to help prevent accidents.

 Last  year the HSE published their annual report about employment-related injuries and illness, they reported the following facts :

  •  3 million people have complained about a work-related illness
  • Over 621,000 work related injuries
  • 2,515 people died

 Alarming figures, however due to the safety signs directive being taken on by all European Union member states in 1992 and the UK Health and Safety  (Safety Signs and Signals Regulations) act then added these changes in 1996 which legally required employers to show and position safety signs to emphasise the risks that could not be controlled or avoided has meant that there has been a downward trend of deadly work-related injuries. The safety sign legislation has had a proven impact in keeping employees and members of the general public safe.  Apparently, since its introduction, there has been a 50% decrease in fatal injuries in the workplace

 This positive impact on fatalities has also led to a link between the introduction of safety signs and signage and a downward trend in the number of reported accidents. Keeping people safe begins with warning them to hazards and dangers around them with easy to understand safety signs and signage.

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